Greetings everyone and hope you are having a wonderful start to this New Year of 2019!  RLACEI is THE organization that looks out exclusively for the interests of retired employees of the City of Los Angeles, and we hope that you are currently a member.  If not, please consider joining us.  The strength of our organization comes from its members, together we are stronger and have a louder voice.

The coming year will be an exciting one for us as we track the actions of the City and pension systems as they make decisions on our pension and health funding, as well as health plans and subsidies. The actions they take are critical to us as they impact the health of our pension plans and directly affect the benefit levels of the health plans you earned in your City career. We look forward to working with the new LACERS General Manager, Neil Guglielmo, as well as Assistant General Manager Lita Payne, who has demonstrated over and over again throughout the years her dedication and loyalty to us, the pension system members, as her first priority.

We are working this year to update our website to make it easier to navigate and more useful to you.  Please send us your suggestions or comments.  In addition, we continue working on a provision to give retirees who remarry after retirement an option to provide a pension for the new spouse.  This is a cost neutral option that has been provided to members of the Fire and Police Pension System since 2009, and is now being provided to some members of LACERS as an enhanced benefit.  We look to make this enhanced option available to all LACERS active and retired members.

Thank you for your membership, and please contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

Ruth Perry, President Elect and Ed Harding, President Emeritus

RLACEI CONTACT LIST – Please call our Helpline if you need assistance at (800) 678-4145.

Ruth Perry, President Elect and Membership Director, Ext. 717

For change of address email:

Ed Harding, President Emeritus, Ext. 703

Tom Stemnock, First Vice President , Audit Director and Golf Committee Chair, Ext 708

Beverly Clark, Second Vice President and Publicity Director, Ext. 716  

Hal Danowitz, Secretary/Treasurer and Finance Director, Ext. 707

Mary Beetz, Director, Ext. 711

Michael Karsch, Legislative Director, Ext. 704

Neil Ricci, Nominating Co-Director, Ext. 714

Clifford Cannon, Director, Ext. 715

Dennis Harding, Nominating Co-Director and Entertainment Committee Chair, Ext. 706

Phil Orland, Health Director, Ext. 709

If you need assistance from the retirement system, please contact a LACERS counselor at (800) 779-8328.

President’s Message

Become a Member

Become a Member

Join the Retired City of Los Angeles Employees, Inc. and be part of an organization dedicated to a stable retirement for you and your City of Los Angeles fellow retirees. Your membership strengthens our collective voice.


The Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI) is a non-profit organization with 7,000 members. Founded in 1973, RLACEI is dedicated to advocating for retiree interests and providing pertinent information, social opportunities, and service for its members.



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